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Index custom field contents

Custom fields (also known as post meta or meta fields) are a major part of WordPress the default search won’t search. That’s a big problem for people who use solutions like Advanced Custom Fields or Carbon Fields to develop sites: on sites developed with custom field plugins large parts of the post, content may be…

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Indexing and searching PDFs in WordPress

Relevanssi Premium users have asked for PDF indexing since day one, and version 2.0 finally introduced this feature. Coming up with a fast and reliable method hasn’t been easy, but we’re pretty proud of what we have now. Our PDF indexer doesn’t tax your server as it runs as a service on a separate server.…

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Taxonomy archive search

This is a Premium feature and only applies when you index taxonomy terms. This does not apply in free Relevanssi. To include taxonomy pages (categories, tags, custom taxonomies) in the search, enable the option on the options page. There’s also the option to choose which taxonomies are included. By default empty terms (not linked to…

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Multisite searches

Multisite search only works in Relevanssi Premium. Free Relevanssi can be installed in multisite environments, but it cannot search across sites. Relevanssi Premium can only support multisite searching across sites in the same multisite network. Relevanssi can’t search across multiple sites that are not in the same multisite installation. Cloud-based search tools can help you…

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Direct access to the query engine

Relevanssi can’t be used in any situation, because it checks the presence of search with the is_search() function. This causes some unfortunate limitations and reduces the general usability of the plugin. You can, however, access the query engine directly. There’s a function called relevanssi_do_query(), which can be used to do search queries just about anywhere. Here’s a…

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