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Redirecting email searches to the login page

A client asked for a solution to redirect all searches for email addresses to the login page – perhaps someone is constantly using the search field when they’re actually looking for the login.

This can be achieved with the Redirects tool, as it takes regular expressions. You can also add this to your site:

add_action( 'template_redirect', 'rlv_redirect_emails' );
function rlv_redirect_emails() {
    if ( filter_var( get_search_query(), FILTER_VALIDATE_EMAIL ) ) {
        if ( wp_redirect( '' ) ) {

This function would redirect all queries that look like email addresses (based on RFC 822, with some caveats) to the login page on

There’s nothing Relevanssi-specific about this, this same function will work with any search solution that isn’t an AJAX search.

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