We take corporate responsibility and good citizenship seriously and aim to act in a way that benefits society around us and the world in general.

We resign from the demand for continuous economic growth. The concept of neverending economic growth is unbearable. Our world is not without limits. We aim for stability: we want a decent amount of work and to earn a living that supports us, but we’re not looking to grow.

We try to minimize our negative impact. For example, we’ve decided that we will only buy used computers and phones from now on. We will use our equipment as long as possible (we’re still using a 2010 MacBook Pro, for example, because we simply don’t need a newer, more powerful laptop) and to make sure our old equipment gets reused if possible. We will avoid buying anything unnecessary.

We do not do unnecessary travel and won’t travel by plane. We do not have a separate office but instead work from home. We only participate in WordCamps and other events where we can travel by train.

Our server status

  • is hosted by Cloudcity in their Finnish data centre that runs 100% on renewable energy.
  • EU attachment indexing server is hosted by Digital Ocean in AMS3, an Amsterdam data centre by Equinix, which meets tight environmental standards.
  • US attachment indexing server is hosted by Digital Ocean in NYC1, a New York data centre by Equinix, which also meets tight environmental standards.