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Target specific part of the post

Relevanssi Premium 2.4.4 introduced a new feature where you can target specific parts of the post straight from the search terms. The format for this is


Target can be one of the following:

  • title: Post title.
  • content: Post content.
  • author: Author display name.
  • comment: Comment text.
  • link: Link from another post.
  • excerpt: Post excerpt.
  • taxonomy slug: Taxonomy name (use tag or post_tag for tags, category for categories and the taxonomy slug for other taxonomies).
  • custom field name: Custom field name.
  • MySQL column name: Name of a custom MySQL column.

These are all compared against Relevanssi index, so you can use any of these targets only if Relevanssi indexes that particular type of content: if you want to, say, target excerpts, you need to make sure Relevanssi is set to index the excerpt.

The search term must be a single word, so if you want to target multiple words, use a specifier for each word separately. Phrases are not supported at the moment.

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