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WP Event Manager

Using Relevanssi with WP Event Manager requires you to adjust the search process in WP Event Manager a bit. Fortunately, the plugin has good filters you can use. Add this to your site:

add_filter( 'get_event_listings_query_args', function( $args ) {
  $args['relevanssi'] = true;
  return $args;
} );

This will adjust the event listing query arguments to switch on the Relevanssi flag, causing Relevanssi to process the results. This way you’ll get the Relevanssi results in the WP Event Manager event listing search. These Relevanssi results will also be cached by the WP Event Manager query caching.

Thanks to dustyyy on WP support forums.

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  1. Thanks for your work ! But it doesn’t work for me 🙁 …
    As I have to work “codeless” (french little administration), your solution using Snipet was a great things for me (add function without have some “strange” things the website)… But I have no difference between before and after add this code in snipet (other codes works with snipet…). Have you got somes update on this topic ? 🙂

    1. Unfortunately, I don’t know, Pedrot. The work was never done by me, it was done by dustyyy from forums, I just improved it a bit. I’ve never tried the code myself, so I don’t know how WP Event Manager works in the first place. But do try disabling caching in WP Event Manager; if the cache is enabled, it’s possible you’re seeing cached results. The code should work from a snippet, no problems there.

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