Frequently asked questions – check these before asking

  • I can’t get an account on! You should’ve received an account activation email. It’s likely in your spam mailbox, check there first.
  • Getting a ‘Key xxxxxx is not valid’ error when indexing attachments? Our servers sync API keys once per hour. Wait a while, then try again, and it should work within an hour.
  • There’s an error when you try to activate Relevanssi Premium. You have the free version of Relevanssi still active. Deactivate that, activate Premium, then uninstall the free version.
  • Having problems searching? Go through this checklist first.
  • We have a large knowledge base. Take a look there, perhaps your question is already answered.

Instead of telling us “X doesn’t work”, please be more specific. Please tell us what you expect to happen and what happens. That’ll save us time because that will be the first thing we ask.

If you’re having problems with the search results, please put your search results template (usually in the file search.php in your theme folder) in a Pastebin and mention the link with your question to speed up the process of solving your problem.

The form will send a copy of your question to your email address. Feel free to ask questions in English or Finnish. Please do not send us video questions.

Expect slower response times during June and July.

If you have an active Premium account and are logged in, a support contact form will appear above. Please post your questions at the support forum if you don’t have a support account. I monitor the forum and will answer questions posted there, as far as my time permits.