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Relevanssi Premium as a Composer package

If you want to install Relevanssi Premium as a Composer package, you can use the following URL to fetch the latest version:

Just replace XXX with your valid API key. The URL will always return the latest version of the plugin files. If you want a specific version, you can use

The Composer package should look something like this:

  "type": "package", 
  "package": {  
    "name": "relevanssi/relevanssi-premium",
    "version": "", 
    "type": "wordpress-plugin",
    "dist": { 
      "type": "zip", 
      "url": ""

2 comments Relevanssi Premium as a Composer package

  1. With version 1.14.5 I am getting errors from composer when unzipping. I am also getting errors when I tried downloading from the url and unzipping manually in a terminal window. Errors looks like:

    “warning: stripped absolute path spec from /relevanssi-premium/”

    and repeat for every file in the archive. Is there something different about how this archive was created?

  2. The lack of archive of old versions is a major problem for stable WP deploys. As a new version might contain bugs, WP instances that can’t accept downtime will fix the version of the plugin and only issue updates after thorough testing. Only having the latest version available makes that impossible – rebuilding the site with exactly the same config might lead to different results, and that is just not acceptable (worse, any future version of RP will still be called 1.14.4 by Composer, in your example! Good luck finding that bug.)

    Considering how little work it is to offer old versions, is that something you could consider?

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