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Relevanssi Premium as a Composer package

If you want to install Relevanssi Premium as a Composer package, you can use the following URL to fetch the latest version:

Just replace XXX with your valid API key. The URL will always return the latest version of the plugin files. There’s no way to get a specific version of Relevanssi.

The Composer package should look something like this:

  "type": "package", 
  "package": {  
    "name": "relevanssi/relevanssi-premium",
    "version": "1.14.4", 
    "type": "wordpress-plugin",
    "dist": { 
      "type": "zip", 
      "url": ""
  • Alex Ciarlillo

    With version 1.14.5 I am getting errors from composer when unzipping. I am also getting errors when I tried downloading from the url and unzipping manually in a terminal window. Errors looks like:

    “warning: stripped absolute path spec from /relevanssi-premium/”

    and repeat for every file in the archive. Is there something different about how this archive was created?