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Relevanssi Premium as a Composer package

If you want to install Relevanssi Premium as a Composer package, you can use the following URL to fetch the latest version:

Replace XXX with your valid API key. The URL will always return the latest version of the plugin files. If you want a specific version, you can use the following:

The Composer package should look something like this:

  "type": "package", 
  "package": {  
    "name": "relevanssi/relevanssi-premium",
    "version": "2.20.1", 
    "type": "wordpress-plugin",
    "dist": { 
      "type": "zip", 
      "url": ""

WP CLI also supports installing plugins from URLs. You can do this to install Relevanssi Premium:

wp plugin install

Both URLs support HTTP basic auth. If you don’t include the api_key parameter, you’ll be prompted for your user name and password. Use your account user name as the user name and your API key as the password. These can be stored in auth.json, so you can commit your composer.json without your API key leaking.

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