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Wildcard matching

Relevanssi Premium 2.10.2 introduces new way to search: wildcard matching. Once the wildcard matching is enabled (it is disabled by default), it introduces two new operators: * and ?.

Using the wildcard operators

The * operator replaces zero or more characters, so searching for w*ess would match “wilderness”, “witness”, “WordPress” and also “wess”.

The ? operator matches exactly one character, so searching for gr?y would match “grey” or “gray”, but not “gravy” or “groovy”.

These operators only work within words. Searching for *ess or gra? will not have the expected results.

Enabling wildcard matching

In order to enable the wildcard matching, add a filter function that returns true to the relevanssi_wildcard_search filter hook, like this:

add_filter( 'relevanssi_wildcard_search', '__return_true' );

This one-liner, which you can add for example to the theme functions.php file, will enable the wildcard matching.

Try wildcard matching

Search for wild*d on!

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