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Indexing image captions for the posts

The use case is I run several newspapers, and the “caption” field when uploading media is where the journalists put the photographer credit. We need to be able to index the photographer bylines, but ideally would want to return the story/commentary where their image was used, not the image itself. If you want to index…

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Yoast SEO compatibility

Starting from versions 2.4.0 (Premium) and 4.3.0 (Free), Relevanssi doesn’t index posts that have been marked “noindex” in the Yoast SEO settings (“Allow search engines to show this Post in search results?”). If the “noindex” setting is in the default value or set to explicit “yes”, Relevanssi indexes the post. If you want Relevanssi to…

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Searching Bible verses

A common problem with Relevanssi is Bible verses. All that meaningful punctuation and single digits make exact matching of Bible verses really difficult for Relevanssi, and when searching for Bible verses, exact results are what matters – hitting something similar is generally not very helpful. There’s an easy solution, though: use phrases. Wrapping the verse in…

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Indexing embedded PDFs for the parent post

Relevanssi can automatically index PDF content for the parent post, if the PDF (or other attachment) is attached to the parent post in WordPress. However, that’s not always the case. Sometimes the PDF is attached to the page using an embed, and that doesn’t create a connection between the posts in WordPress. Thus, Relevanssi won’t…

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Chamber Dashboard Business Directory

The Chamber Dashboard Business Directory plugin has a business directory search that’s not compatible with Relevanssi. To disable Relevanssi in those searches, add this to your theme functions.php: add_filter( ‘relevanssi_prevent_default_request’, ‘rlv_allow_chamber_search’, 10, 2 ); function rlv_allow_chamber_search( $prevent, $query ) { if ( isset( $_GET[’searchtext’] ) ) { $prevent = false; } return $prevent; }add_filter( ‘relevanssi_prevent_default_request’,…

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