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WP Job Manager

Relevanssi doesn’t work with the WP Job Manager search. Solution is fortunately simple: you can just disable Relevanssi for the WP Job Manager page. To disable Relevanssi, add this to your theme functions.php: add_action( ‘get_job_listings_init’, ‘relevanssi_fix_for_wp_job_manager’ );   function relevanssi_fix_for_wp_job_manager( $args ){ remove_filter(’posts_request’, ‘relevanssi_prevent_default_request’); remove_filter(’the_posts’, ‘relevanssi_query’); }add_action( ‘get_job_listings_init’, ‘relevanssi_fix_for_wp_job_manager’ ); function relevanssi_fix_for_wp_job_manager( $args ){ remove_filter(‘posts_request’,…

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BeTheme compatibility

BeTheme does the strangest, weirdest, and least productive things with search I’ve ever seen in a professional theme. It can automatically clear out your search term, which of course leads to Relevanssi searches failing. I have no idea what that is trying to achieve, but it makes searching very frustrating. Fortunately the fix is simple.…

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Debugging Relevanssi searching issues

Relevanssi has plenty of useful filter hooks you can use to debug problems. Here are some examples of how you can use the Relevanssi filter hooks to debug issues. Place the functions one at the time in the theme functions.php file and run a search to see results. Look at the parameters Relevanssi is getting…

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WPML and category exclusions

Relevanssi category exclusion setting doesn’t work properly with WPML. Here’s a bit of code from Srdjan Jocić from OnTheGoSystems that fixes it. Just add this to your theme functions.php. add_filter( ‘relevanssi_search_filters’, ‘wpml_relevanssi_include_exclude_cats_fix’ ); function wpml_relevanssi_include_exclude_cats_fix( $args ) { if ( array_key_exists( ‘tax_query’, $args ) && did_action( ‘wpml_loaded’ ) ) {   foreach ( $args[’tax_query’] as…

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Simple French plurals

If you have Relevanssi Premium and want to make Relevanssi understand French plurals, you can add this code to your theme functions.php: add_filter( ‘relevanssi_stemmer’, ‘relevanssi_french_plural_stemmer’ ); function relevanssi_french_plural_stemmer( $term ) { $len = strlen( $term ); $end1 = substr( $term, -1, 1 ); if ( ‘s’ === $end1 && $len > 3 ) { $term…

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Indexing ACF relationship content

If your posts include content from related posts using the Advanced Custom Fields relationship functionality, Relevanssi doesn’t index that content by default. Even if you set Relevanssi up to index the ACF fields, the relationship fields do not include any content, just references to other posts. Those, even if indexed, are not particularly helpful. ACF…

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Using AND and OR for Boolean operators

Relevanssi Premium has support for in-query Boolean operators. Relevanssi uses + and – for the operators: cats -dogs and cats +kittens. If you prefer instead to use the verbal AND and OR operators, it only takes one small function in your theme functions.php: add_filter(’relevanssi_search_filters’, ‘rlv_boolean_operators’); function rlv_boolean_operators($args) { $args[’q’] = str_replace(’ and ‘, ‘ +’,…

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Indexing ACF fields for taxonomy terms

Advanced Custom Fields makes it possible to add custom fields to taxonomy terms. This is only possible with Relevanssi Premium, because the free version of Relevanssi can’t index taxonomy terms. If you set Relevanssi to index custom fields, Relevanssi won’t index these taxonomy custom fields, because taxonomy terms aren’t generally allowed to have custom fields…

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SearchWP Live Ajax Search

Relevanssi doesn’t ship with a live search feature that would display results as the user types the search terms. There are many other plugins that provide this functionality, but few work with Relevanssi. SearchWP Live Ajax Search is the best one that does. It’s very easy to use, most of the time just install and…

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