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Menu problems in multisite search

Sometimes multisite searches cause problems in navigation menus. This is caused by pages from another subsite going into the page cache, and then replacing a page in the navigation menu with the same page ID.

If you’re having this problem, adding the following code to the theme functions.php should solve the issue.

add_action( 'wp_head', 'rlv_uncache_menu_posts', 99 );
function rlv_uncache_menu_posts() { 
    if ( is_search() ) { 
        global $wpdb; 
        $ids = $wpdb->get_col("SELECT meta.meta_value FROM $wpdb->posts as posts, $wpdb->postmeta as meta 
            WHERE posts.ID = meta.post_id AND posts.post_type = 'nav_menu_item' 
            AND meta.meta_key = '_menu_item_object_id'"); 
        if ( is_array( $ids ) ) { 
            foreach ( $ids as $id ) { 
                clean_post_cache( $id ); 

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