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Visual Composer: Indexing Raw HTML elements

Visual Composer and WP Bakery have a Raw HTML element that can be used to add HTML code to your pages. By default, this content is stored in an encoded format Relevanssi can’t read. Fortunately, the encoding is simple Base64 encoding that is easy to read.

So, in order to read the contents of the Raw HTML element, all it takes is a custom function that finds the encoded content, decodes it and adds it to the post so Relevanssi can see it. We can use the relevanssi_post_content filter hook to modify the post content. Add this function to your site:

add_filter( 'relevanssi_post_content', 'rlv_vc_raw_html', 8 );
function rlv_vc_raw_html( string $content ) : string {
  if ( preg_match_all( '/\[vc_raw_html\](.*?)\[\/vc_raw_html\]/', $content, $matches ) > 0 ) {
    foreach ( $matches[1] as $encoded_data ) {
      $raw_html = urldecode( base64_decode( $encoded_data ) );
      $content .= ' ' . $raw_html;
  return $content;

This function needs to run on a priority lower than 9, because on priority 9 Relevanssi runs the relevanssi_remove_page_builder_shortcodes() function that removes page builder shortcodes and in the case of [vc_raw_html] also removes the encoded content.

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