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Premium 1.14.8

Relevanssi Premium 1.14.8 includes one major bug fix, few smaller improvements and a new feature. An improved version of the sorting function will not throw notices when Intuitive Custom Post Order plugin is used. New filter: `relevanssi_missing_sort_key` can be used to adjust the result sorting when using keys that are not present in all posts […]


This is a small maintenance fix, solving problems related to old and very new versions of PHP. If you are using a PHP version that’s newer than 5.4 and older than 7, this update is not necessary. Relevanssi threw a fatal error with PHP 7.1 thanks to a wrong variable declaration. The accidental PHP 5.4+ […]

Premium 1.14.7

Looks like Relevanssi is compatible with WordPress 4.7, but one problem has been found so far: admin dashboard search for pages doesn’t work with Relevanssi. Other post types seem to work just fine. I wasn’t able to fix the problem, so this version circumvents it by disabling Relevanssi in the admin page search. This version […]

Restricting the indexing to particular user roles

From the Relevanssi settings, you can only choose whether subscribers are indexed or not. If you need finer control over what user roles are indexed by Relevanssi, you can use the following code. Place it in your theme functions.php: add_filter(’relevanssi_user_index_ok’, ‘rlv_do_not_index_admins’, 10, 2); function rlv_do_not_index_admins($do_index, $user) { $block_these_roles = array(’administrator’, ‘editor’, ‘author’, ‘contributor’, ‘subscriber’);   […]

bbP Private Groups support

Private Groups is a plugin that makes bbPress forum groups private. Relevanssi, however, doesn’t understand that privacy and will show those groups in the search results. Relevanssi has means to support this, however, with the help of the relevanssi_post_ok filter. Here’s some code from Mark Wass that makes the private forum posts private in search. […]

Premium 1.14.6 | Free 3.5.6

Relevanssi Premium 1.14.6 and Relevanssi 3.5.6 are important security updates. There’s a SQL injection vulnerability in Relevanssi. It’s not terribly dangerous, as it requires admin access, but it is possible to exploit. Premium also has another security vulnerability: the option import option can be exploited. That exploit also requires admin access. Both of these vulnerabilities […]

Utf8mb4 charset and index problems

If you use utf8mb4 charset, Relevanssi database table may be missing an index. That’s because part of the index includes a column type that is of varchar(210) type. This is fine with utf8, but fails for utf8mb4, which only allows columns 191 characters long (because maximum column size is 767 bytes, and for 4-byte utf8mb4 […]