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Download Monitor: Index PDF content for parent page

Relevanssi can handle Download Monitor files without big problems. If you want to use the “Index PDF contents for the parent page” option, there’s a problem, though. Download Monitor comes in between: the PDF post is attached to the Download Monitor dlm_download post and not the page where the [download] shortcode is. This can be…

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ThemeCo themes use custom codes for dynamic content. Those are not usual shortcodes, and Relevanssi won’t expand them automatically. In order to expand the dynamic content from ThemeCo themes, you need to use these filters: The critical part is running these filters on an early enough priority for relevanssi_post_content: Relevanssi page builder shortcode cleanup runs…

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Premium 2.15.3 / Free 4.13.3

These versions collect all the bug fixes and small improvements that I ran into during the summer. Next up is Premium 2.16, which will add bigger new features: at the moment I’m looking at developing proximity sorting (ie. show results that are nearest based on coordinates) and better search tracking. These will take some time…

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CM Tooltip Glossary

A Relevanssi Premium customer bumped into a weird problem with CM Tooltip Glossary (and probably Elementor). Using Elementor, CM Tooltip Glossary and Relevanssi custom excerpts together caused the search results to break in unusual way: each page of the search results showed the same results. I couldn’t figure out what’s causing this, but it was…

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Unyson is a free drag & drop framework. It stores the content in a custom field fw:opt:ext:pb:page-builder:json. While Relevanssi can index custom fields, the Unyson custom field is a JSON object that’s hard for Relevanssi to index. Fortunately you can add a function on the relevanssi_custom_field_value filter hook to modify the custom field value before…

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WPML: Replacing posts with translations

Here’s a different approach to WPML searching. By default, you have two options. You can include posts in all languages in the results, or you can only use the current language. This solution checks for matches also in other languages. If Relevanssi finds any, this script then replaces them with the translated posts. You get…

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WooCommerce: Searching for orders

Searching for shop orders is tricky business with WooCommerce. WooCommerce blocks searching the orders. WooCommerce also keeps the order data in many different tables. Because of this complexity, the shop_order post type is not available for indexing. You can enable it by adding this to your theme functions.php: This is not enough, though. The order…

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Visual Composer: Indexing headings

Relevanssi doesn’t by default index the headings in Visual Composer. This is because the vcex_heading shortcode Visual Composer for the headings stores the heading text inside a shortcode attribute. By default, Relevanssi does not index shortcode attributes. In this case, indexing the shortcode attribute is necessary. Fortunately it’s easy to fix with a simple function…

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Search is ignoring accents

In general, searches ignore accents, which is generally a good idea: for example in French, the difference between e and é isn’t huge, and it’s fine if the search engine isn’t too picky about which is which. However, there are cases where there is a big difference: for example in Finnish, the letter ä isn’t…

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