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Premium 2.16 / Free 4.14

Relevanssi Premium 2.16.0 is a major release that adds new, exciting features. The most interesting new tool is click tracking, which grants you extra insight into what the search users are doing. Some of these features are also available in the matching free Relevanssi version 4.14.0. The new User searches page should be a delight!…

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Redirecting email searches to the login page

A client asked for a solution to redirect all searches for email addresses to the login page – perhaps someone is constantly using the search field when they’re actually looking for the login. This is something that will be easier in Relevanssi Premium version 2.16, when the Redirects tool will accept regular expressions, but it’s not…

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MemberPress Downloads add-on

The Downloads add-on for MemberPress adds downloadable files to MemberPress. These files are stored outside the Media Library, so by default Relevanssi attachment indexing has no access to them. However, Relevanssi offers filter hooks you can use to make Relevanssi index the MemberPress Downloads files. Adjust the query All this code goes to the child…

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Download Monitor: Index PDF content for parent page

Relevanssi can handle Download Monitor files without big problems. If you want to use the “Index PDF contents for the parent page” option, there’s a problem, though. Download Monitor comes in between: the PDF post is attached to the Download Monitor dlm_download post and not the page where the [download] shortcode is. This can be…

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ThemeCo themes use custom codes for dynamic content. Those are not usual shortcodes, and Relevanssi won’t expand them automatically. In order to expand the dynamic content from ThemeCo themes, you need to use these filters: The critical part is running these filters on an early enough priority for relevanssi_post_content: Relevanssi page builder shortcode cleanup runs…

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Premium 2.15.3 / Free 4.13.3

These versions collect all the bug fixes and small improvements that I ran into during the summer. Next up is Premium 2.16, which will add bigger new features: at the moment I’m looking at developing proximity sorting (ie. show results that are nearest based on coordinates) and better search tracking. These will take some time…

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CM Tooltip Glossary

A Relevanssi Premium customer bumped into a weird problem with CM Tooltip Glossary (and probably Elementor). Using Elementor, CM Tooltip Glossary and Relevanssi custom excerpts together caused the search results to break in unusual way: each page of the search results showed the same results. I couldn’t figure out what’s causing this, but it was…

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