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Relevanssi Premium 2.0.3

Version 2.0.3 is mostly maintenance, fixing bugs in previous versions. There have been some issues with the PDF indexing, some wrinkles we’re still ironing out.

As a new feature, you can now have Relevanssi automatically read the contents of new PDF files – that wasn’t possible before. This setting is disabled by default, as it can cause unexpected delays in media uploads, if the PDF reading service is not responding fast enough, but most of the time, it should not be a problem.

  • Uninstalling Relevanssi was broken. That is now fixed.
  • In some cases excerpt-building could take ages because of autoembed link discovery. Relevanssi now blocks the autoembed procedure in link-building.
  • © and ® symbols caused problems in indexing; they are now included in the default punctuation removal.
  • Fixed filter: relevanssi_pdf_read_timeout wasn’t applied to all cases of timeouts.
  • Updated filter: relevanssi_index_custom_fields now gets a second parameter that contains the post ID.
  • New filter: relevanssi_custom_field_value is used to filter custom field values both before indexing and before excerpt-building. Parameters include the field name and the post ID.
  • Indexing PDF content didn’t work properly if Relevanssi was set to index visible custom fields.
  • There was a bug in importing the options.
  • New setting can be enabled to read in the contents of new PDF files as they are uploaded on the site. This is disabled by default.

Update: Version fixes an issue with the multisite installation process.

Get the new version from the Download page or through the auto-update system.

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