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Free 3.1

Hot on the heels of Premium 1.10.1, there’s Relevanssi 3.1, bringing most of the new features to the free version.

  • Fixed the uninstalling instructions.
  • Fixes a problem with Twenty Ten and Twenty Eleven themes that caused doubled “Continue Reading” links.
  • Fixed a notice about undefined variable on plugin update pages.
  • Small bug fixes on search to remove warning notices.
  • New filter: relevanssi_index_custom_fields can be used to modify the list of custom fields to index.
  • Deleting menus caused a warning. That is now fixed.
  • Relevanssi has an option to disable IP logging (which is actually illegal in some countries). Thanks to Stefan Eufinger.
  • Searching in subcategories worked sometimes, but not always. Thanks to Faebu.
  • The “Limit searches” option didn’t work too well in the case of strong weightings, as it didn’t take note of any weights. Now it works better.
  • Added a note about disabling custom excerpts when they are not needed – they can slow down the search quite a bit.
  • New filter: relevanssi_options_capability can be used to modify the capability required to see the options page (default is manage_options).
  • Fixed the way IDF is calculated to account some extreme cases with small databases.
  • Fixed filter: relevanssi_pre_excerpt_content wasn’t working properly.
  • Relevanssi now supports tax_query, for most part. You can query multiple taxonomies, use relation AND and OR, use operators AND, IN and NOT IN and choose include_children (which defaults to true). Old taxonomy and term still work, but I recommend using tax_query for the level of control it offers.
  • Relevanssi now works better with category restrictions. The extra cats query variable is no longer necessary, Relevanssi can now read multiple categories from cat. You can also use category__and, category__in and category__not_in.
  • Same goes with tags: tags is now longer necessary. Relevanssi has full support for tag, tag_id, tag__and, tag__in, tag__not_in, tag_slug__and, tag_slug__in and tag_slug__not_in. For tag, both term1+term2 and term1,term2 is supported.
  • Relevanssi now supports author_name and negative values for author.
  • Relevanssi now supports offset query variable.
  • Relevanssi now supports meta_query. You can use all comparisons (also EXISTS and NOT EXISTS, even if you don’t have WP 3.5). You can also use the older meta_key and meta_value query variables, including all the comparisons. I have not tested all possible meta_query constructions, so bug reports of things that don’t work as expected are welcome.
  • New index on the database makes some database operations faster.
  • Removed a bug that prevents one-character words from being indexed in titles, despite the minimum word length setting.
  • Removed a warning when searching for nothing.
  • Fixes a warning about $wpdb->prepare() caused by a change in WordPress 3.5.

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