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Relevanssi Premium 2.0.3

Version 2.0.3 is mostly maintenance, fixing bugs in previous versions. There have been some issues with the PDF indexing, some wrinkles we’re still ironing out. As a new feature, you can now have Relevanssi automatically read the contents of new PDF files – that wasn’t possible before. This setting is disabled by default, as it…

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Premium 2.0.2 / Free 4.0.2

Time for another maintenance release. There have still been some bugs in the new indexing procedures. For free version, the new release removes some error notices, improves support for page builders and makes the Polylang setting work better. For the Premium version, all those apply, and then some more: New filter: relevanssi_multisite_public_status lets you make…

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Relevanssi Premium 2.0

Relevanssi Premium 2.0 has been in the works for six months. It’s finally here! The biggest new feature is the PDF content indexing: this is something that users have been asking for since Relevanssi was created, but until now I haven’t been able to provide a solution that’s good enough. Now it is finally possible.…

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Premium / Free

These are small bug fix releases that squish an unpleasant little bug in the versions 1.16.2 and 3.6.2. The bug was in the new post sorting algorithm and caused notices about undefined indexes, and probably messed up the sorting in some cases (not all, though). Use the auto update, or download Premium from the download…

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Premium 1.16.2 / Free 3.6.2

I’m currently working on a major release for Relevanssi: Relevanssi Premium 2 and Relevanssi 4 will bring lots of really interesting and useful updates for Relevanssi. However, while waiting for the major releases (which should come out in 2017), there are some smaller improvements I wanted to share with you. This smaller update includes: Premium…

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Premium 1.16.1 / Free 3.6.1

I was told today that there is a security vulnerability in Relevanssi. It is possible to set the post type and taxonomy weights to values that are not numbers, and those values will be inserted into SQL queries, making SQL injection possible. However, it requires either admin access to WordPress dashboard or direct access to…

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