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Premium 1.16.1 / Free 3.6.1

I was told today that there is a security vulnerability in Relevanssi. It is possible to set the post type and taxonomy weights to values that are not numbers, and those values will be inserted into SQL queries, making SQL injection possible. However, it requires either admin access to WordPress dashboard or direct access to…

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Premium release notes

Version is a small fix that tackles couple of issues 1.16.0 had in multisite environment. This is a recommended upgrade if you’re running a multisite, but if you’re on a single site system, it’s not necessary to update. Fixes “unknown column” issues in multisite searches. Removes errors when trying to search a multisite subsite…

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Premium 1.16.0 / Free 3.6.0 release notes

Versions 1.16.0 and 3.6.0 have a new major version number, because these versions change how Relevanssi attaches itself to queries. In my tests, this hasn’t affected how Relevanssi works, but it is possible that especially in unusual use cases this may cause problems. On the upside, this change should reduce the number of compatibility issues…

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Premium 1.15.4 / Free 3.5.12

Both Relevanssi Premium and the free version have been updated. Both version include a update to the taxonomy query handling. Previous versions couldn’t handle nested tax_queries properly. That works now. There were also some issues with the post type exclusion: it didn’t work quite as expected. Premium version also includes a significant performance improvement on…

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Premium / Free

Relevanssi Premium and free are minor bug fix releases. They fix a notice about an undefined variable in 1.15.3 or 3.5.11 – nothing to worry about, but if you’ve got debug mode enabled, you’d see an error message in most searches. This version also adds two new filters that let you disable one-letter searches,…

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Premium 1.15.3

Relevanssi Premium 1.15.3 fixes many bugs and improves Relevanssi behaviour in many cases. Indexing taxonomy terms is further improved, as is highlighting HTML tags. A fairly big change is how Relevanssi handles taxonomy terms and user profiles when a post type parameter is used. Previously setting a post type parameter didn’t exclude taxonomy terms and…

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Free 3.5.9 /

This update matches Relevanssi Premium 1.15.1 and contains some improvements to how Relevanssi works. The biggest change is the added support for taxonomy queries using field set to name. Here’s the full list of changes: Improved the way highlighting handles HTML tags, especially when highlighting on post pages. The throttle limit setting was removed from…

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