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Premium 1.14.9

I was alerted yesterday that Relevanssi Premium has a XSS vulnerability. If you are using the “Did you mean” feature, it is possible to construct a search query that contains scripts that are automatically run on the page if the “Did you mean” feature runs. See DXWSecurity report on the vulnerability. Version 1.14.9 fixes this…

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Premium 1.14.6 | Free 3.5.6

Relevanssi Premium 1.14.6 and Relevanssi 3.5.6 are important security updates. There’s a SQL injection vulnerability in Relevanssi. It’s not terribly dangerous, as it requires admin access, but it is possible to exploit. Premium also has another security vulnerability: the option import option can be exploited. That exploit also requires admin access. Both of these vulnerabilities…

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Premium 1.14.5

Relevanssi Premium 1.14.5 is a recommended release, as it fixes significant bugs that caused failures when custom fields contained arrays and when front-end plugins created posts. Multisite users are happy to find out meta_query support has been added to multisite searches and the post type filters work better. Relevanssi had problems with plus signs in…

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