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Premium 1.15.3

Relevanssi Premium 1.15.3 fixes many bugs and improves Relevanssi behaviour in many cases. Indexing taxonomy terms is further improved, as is highlighting HTML tags. A fairly big change is how Relevanssi handles taxonomy terms and user profiles when a post type parameter is used. Previously setting a post type parameter didn’t exclude taxonomy terms and…

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Free 3.5.9 /

This update matches Relevanssi Premium 1.15.1 and contains some improvements to how Relevanssi works. The biggest change is the added support for taxonomy queries using field set to name. Here’s the full list of changes: Improved the way highlighting handles HTML tags, especially when highlighting on post pages. The throttle limit setting was removed from…

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Premium 1.14.9

I was alerted yesterday that Relevanssi Premium has a XSS vulnerability. If you are using the “Did you mean” feature, it is possible to construct a search query that contains scripts that are automatically run on the page if the “Did you mean” feature runs. See DXWSecurity report on the vulnerability. Version 1.14.9 fixes this…

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