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Premium 2.22 / Free 4.19

This update adds just one new feature, but since it involves a database update, it’s a major version. The new feature adds a session ID to the search logs. The main reason for this is to eliminate duplicate log entries from live searches.

Users of Live Ajax Search have noticed their logs filling up with partial words. If someone searches for “search”, it may get logged as “sea”, “sear”, “searc”, and finally “search” because previously, Relevanssi couldn’t tell these searches were all from the same user.

Now, with the session ID, Relevanssi can tell these are from the same user and can delete the shorter searches, leaving only the final search term in the log. The session ID is based on the user ID for logged-in users and the HTTP user agent for the other users, combined with a 10-minute time window (so the same user will get a new session ID every ten minutes).

If you find this feature interesting, please let me know what you think of it. It’s something of a work-in-progress, so I’m interested in hearing your thoughts and any suggestions for improvement.

2.20 / 4.19

  • New feature: Logging now includes a session ID (based on user ID for logged-in users, HTTP user agent for others, and current time, stable for 10 minutes per user). This removes duplicate searches from live searches, keeping only the final search query.
  • Premium. Minor fix: The pin weights did not appear in the classic editor Relevanssi metabox, despite being stored in the database.

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