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Premium 2.23 / Free 4.20

This version has one major new feature. Previously when Relevanssi used custom fields for excerpts, the custom field content was added to the end of the post content, and there was no way to tell which custom field the content was coming from. Now, you can use custom field specific excerpts which use individual custom fields as the source of the excerpt. With Relevanssi Premium, it’s possible to tell on the search results template which custom field the excerpted content is coming from. You can, for example, show that the content comes from the attachment.

This new feature isn’t automatically enabled because this method of creating excerpts is slightly slower than the basic method. If you don’t need this information or don’t mind where the excerpted content comes from, it’s better to use the old method.

  • New feature: Relevanssi can now create custom field specific excerpts that come from one custom field only and know which field that is.
  • New feature: You can see the indexed custom field names list in the indexing and excerpt settings.
  • New feature: New filter hook relevanssi_excerpt_specific_custom_field_content filters the excerpt custom field content if relevanssi_excerpt_specific_fields is enabled.
  • Changed behaviour: The relevanssi_get_custom_field_content() function now returns an array instead of a string. If relevanssi_excerpt_specific_fields is off, the previous string return value is returned as a single-item array with the string in index 0. If the setting is on, the array keys are the field names.
  • Premium. Changed behaviour: The relevanssi_get_child_pdf_content() function now returns an array.
  • Minor fix: The “none” value in category dropdowns from the searchform shortcode is changed from -1 to 0.
  • Minor fix: The stopword population during the multisite installation used the wrong database table, leading to failed population.
  • Minor fix: Multisite installation is moved from wp_insert_site (priority 10) to wp_initialize_site (priority 200) in order to avoid trouble.
  • Premium. Minor fix: Wildcard search now works in whole word matching, not only in partial matching.
  • Premium. Minor fix: The Gutenberg sidebar translations didn’t show up. Now you should be able to see the sidebar in the right language.

You can get the new version from the automatic updates. The Premium version can also be found on the Download page.

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