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Premium 2.4.0 / Free 4.3.0

As suggested by the version numbering, versions 2.4.0 and 4.3.0 are major updates that change some of Relevanssi behaviour. Nothing should break, however, so updating from earlier versions is safe.

New features

  • Multi-phrase searches now respect AND and OR operators. If multiple phrases are included in an OR search, any posts with at least one phrase will be included. In AND search, all phrases must be included.
  • Admin search has been improved: there’s a post type dropdown and the search is triggered when you press enter. The debug information has a div tag around it with the id debugging, so you can hide them with CSS if you want to. The numbering of results also makes more sense.
  • The date parameters (year, monthnum, w, day, hour, minute, second, m) are now supported.
  • Premium only: You can now set a month restriction to show only recent posts in the related posts. For more fine-grained date control, use the relevanssi_related_args filter hook.
  • Premium only: Instead of fully random posts, you can choose to get random posts from the same category if no proper matches are found for related posts.
  • Support for Paid Membership Pro added.
  • WordPress SEO support, posts marked “noindex” in WordPress SEO are no longer indexed by Relevanssi by default.

Filter hooks

  • Premium only: relevanssi_file_content filters the file content before it’s saved in the _relevanssi_pdf_content custom field.
  • Premium only: relevanssi_related_args filters the related posts search arguments.
  • relevanssi_indexing_limit filters the default number of posts to index (10). If you have issues with indexing timing out, you can try adjusting this to a smaller number like 5 or 1.

Changed behaviour

  • Removed feature: qTranslate is no longer supported.
  • Deprecated: relevanssi_get_term_taxonomy() function is deprecated and will be removed at some point in the future.

Bug fixes

  • Major fix: (Premium only) Updates work when API key is in single site settings in a multisite environment. In 2.3.0, it is required that the key is in the multisite settings, otherwise updates won’t work in multisite.
  • Major fix: Tax query searching had some bugs in it, manifesting especially into Polylang not limiting the languages correctly. Some problems with the test suites were found and fixed, and similar problems won’t happen again.
  • Minor fix: Admin search only shows pinning and editing options to users with enough capabilities to use them.
  • Minor fix: Phrase searching now uses filterable post statuses instead of a hard-coded set of post statuses.
  • Minor fix: (Premium only) When saving an API key on a single site in multisite environment, the key appears to be saved. (In 2.3.0 it was saved, but it didn’t look like it.)
  • Minor fix: The plugin action links were missing on the Plugins page list, they’re back now.
  • Minor fix: (Premium only) Synonym indexing has been fixed, it could prevent saving of posts when synonym list was empty.
  • Minor fix: (Premium only) Setting the post_type parameter to post_type to get post type archive pages now works.
  • Minor fix: (Premium only) In some cases, Relevanssi might complain when uploading files.
  • Minor fix: (Premium only) Wrinkles in the upgrade process from free to Premium were ironed out.
  • Minor fix: Search terms with slashes won’t cause errors anymore.
  • Minor fix: Relevanssi admin pages have been examined for accessibility and form labels have been improved in many places.

Both versions are already out. Premium is available on the Download page and through the WordPress automatic updates, the free version can be downloaded from the plugin repository or with the automatic updates.

2 comments Premium 2.4.0 / Free 4.3.0

  1. Hi, I just went to the Downloads page, and it has Relevanssi Premium 2.3.0 as the latest version. Will 2.4 be available soon?

    Many thanks,


    1. Sorry, forgot to update the Downloads page. 2.4.0 is available now. But you can always install the previous version, enter your API key and then update to the latest version.

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