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Premium 2.4.2 / Free 4.3.3

Premium 2.4.2 and free 4.3.3 are maintenance updates that don’t add much new, but fix issues and add general improvements – the project to take Relevanssi to 100% testing coverage proceeds and continues to produce improvements to the code.

New features

Removed features and changed behaviour

  • The relevanssi_indexing_limit option wasn’t really used anymore, so it has been removed.
  • Indexing exclusions from Relevanssi settings, Yoast SEO and SEOPress are applied in a different way in the indexing, making for a smoother indexing process.
  • WP Table Reloaded support has been removed; you really shouldn’t be using WP Table Reloaded anymore, use TablePress instead.
  • Premium only: Related posts doesn’t even try doing an AND search anymore, as most of the time it was a waste of time. If you need that, using the relevanssi_related_args filter hook to swap the operator is still possible.

Bug fixes

  • Premium only: Related posts generation performance has been improved.
  • Premium only: Related posts didn’t work if multisite searching was enabled. That error has been eliminated. The related posts will come from the same subsite as the original post.
  • Premium only: While you could set the Related posts to show random posts from the same category, the setting wouldn’t appear correctly on the settings page. That has been fixed.
  • Premium only: The settings export now includes couple of missing parts, like the related posts settings.
  • Relevanssi won’t choke on ACF fields with array or object values anymore.
  • Relevanssi uninstall process left couple of Relevanssi options in the database.
  • WPML language filter didn’t work when fields was set to ids or id=>parent.

The new versions are available from the plugin repository, from the Download page and through automatic update.

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