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Premium 2.14 / Free 4.12

This new version improves Relevanssi excerpt generation, making it faster especially with larger posts. Lots of small bug fixes are also included, making Relevanssi more robust.

2.14.5 / 4.12.5

  • (Premium) New feature: New WP CLI command wp relevanssi remove_attachment_errors clears out all attachment reading errors.
  • Changed behaviour: relevanssi_excerpt_custom_field_content now gets the post ID and list of custom field names as a parameter.
  • (Premium) Changed behaviour: Attachments tab will now prevent reading the attachments if the options have been changed and aren’t saved.
  • (Premium) Changed behaviour: Instead of setting the attachment reading server to ‘us’, Relevanssi install process will now guess whether ‘eu’ would be a better option based on the site locale.
  • (Premium) Minor fix: Avoids admin ajax request flooding when removing lots of posts at once.
  • Minor fix: Adds trailing slash to the blog URL in Did you mean links.
  • (Premium) Minor fix: When the contents for an attached attachment are read, Relevanssi will now automatically index the parent post if the setting is enabled.

2.14.4 / 4.12.4

  • New feature: New action hooks relevanssi_pre_the_content and relevanssi_post_the_content fire before and after Relevanssi applies the_content filter to the post excerpts. Some Relevanssi default behaviour has been moved to these hooks so it can be modified.
  • Changed behaviour: The relevanssi_do_not_index gets the post object as a third parameter.
  • Minor fix: Remove errors from relevanssi_strip_all_tags() getting a null parameter.
  • (Premium) Minor fix: Updating posts still used relevanssi_update_doc_count(), which can sometimes be really slow.
  • (Premium) Minor fix: Corrected misleading instructions about indexing AND synonyms.

2.14.3 / 4.12.3

  • Major fix: Post type weights did not work; improving the caching had broken them.
  • Minor fix: ‘Read all unread attachments’ did not include ‘key is not valid’ errors. Now it rereads those attachments.
  • Minor fix: Stops indexing error messages in WPML.
  • Minor fix: Synonyms are now used for highlighting titles in AND searches if ‘Index synonyms for AND searches’ is enabled.
  • Minor fix: Relevanssi works better with soft hyphens now, removing them in indexing and excerpt-building.

2.14.2 / 4.12.2

  • Major fix: Stops more problems with ACF custom field indexing.
  • Major fix: Fixes a bug in search result caching that caused Relevanssi to make lots of unnecessary database queries.
  • (Premium) Minor fix: Pinning didn’t work correctly when the post content indexing was disabled. Now the pinned words are included in the post title, if the post content is not available.

2.14.1 / 4.12.1

  • Major fix: Stops TypeError crashes from custom field indexing.

New features

  • New filter hook relevanssi_excerpt_gap lets you adjust the first line of excerpt optimization.
  • (Premium) Phrase matching now works also for taxonomy terms and user profiles.
  • New filter hook relevanssi_phrase_queries can be used to add phrase matching queries to support more content types.
  • (Premium) New WP CLI command wp relevanssi refresh reindexes all posts (and only posts) without truncating the index first. This is very useful for regular reindexing of production sites, as the search won’t stop working during the reindexing.
  • (Premium) New function relevanssi_update_words_option() can be used to update the relevanssi_words option directly, in case the AJAX update action fails for some reason.
  • (Premium) You can now reset the relevanssi_words cache option from the Relevanssi debugging settings tab.

Changed behaviour

  • The relevanssi_tag_before_tokenize filter hook parameters were changed in order to be actually useful and to match what the filter hook is supposed to do.
  • Relevanssi now automatically optimizes excerpt creation in long posts. This process is described here. You can still use relevanssi_optimize_excerpts for further optimization, but it’s probably not necessary.
  • The relevanssi_admin_search_element filter hook now gets the post object as the second parameter, rendering the filter hook more useful.

Minor fixes

  • (Premium) WPML couldn’t digest post type archives in the search results. Relevanssi now handles that and also takes errors from WPML more gracefully.
  • Taxonomy terms in WPML were not indexed correctly. Instead of the post language, the current language was used, so if your admin dashboard is in English, German posts would get English translations of the terms, not German. This is now fixed.
  • Excerpt creation is now faster when multiple excerpts are not used.
  • The SEO plugin noindex setting did not actually work. That has been fixed now.
  • (Premium) Multisite searching didn’t work correctly in HyperDB environments.
  • Improved fringe cases in nested taxonomy queries.
  • Indexing would remove content where less than or greater than symbols were interpreted as HTML tags.
  • In some cases Relevanssi wouldn’t highlight the last word of the title. This is more reliable now.
  • Relevanssi will now add the highlight parameter only to search results, and not to other links on the search results page.
  • (Premium) Disables stemming for words that are inside phrases to make post part targeted searches more precise.

You can download the Premium version from the Download page and the free version from the plugin repository.

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