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WPML: Replacing posts with translations

Here’s a different approach to WPML searching. By default, you have two options. You can include posts in all languages in the results, or you can only use the current language. This solution checks for matches also in other languages. If Relevanssi finds any, this script then replaces them with the translated posts. You get…

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Premium 2.14 / Free 4.12

This new version improves Relevanssi excerpt generation, making it faster especially with larger posts. Lots of small bug fixes are also included, making Relevanssi more robust. 2.14.5 / 4.12.5 (Premium) New feature: New WP CLI command wp relevanssi remove_attachment_errors clears out all attachment reading errors. Changed behaviour: relevanssi_excerpt_custom_field_content now gets the post ID and list…

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WPML: Category exclusions

Relevanssi category exclusion setting doesn’t work properly with WPML. Here’s a bit of code from Srdjan Jocić from OnTheGoSystems that fixes it. Just add this to your theme functions.php. add_filter( ‘relevanssi_search_filters’, ‘wpml_relevanssi_include_exclude_cats_fix’ ); function wpml_relevanssi_include_exclude_cats_fix( $args ) { if ( array_key_exists( ‘tax_query’, $args ) && did_action( ‘wpml_loaded’ ) ) {   foreach ( $args[’tax_query’] as…

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