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Premium 1.15.3

Relevanssi Premium 1.15.3 fixes many bugs and improves Relevanssi behaviour in many cases. Indexing taxonomy terms is further improved, as is highlighting HTML tags.

A fairly big change is how Relevanssi handles taxonomy terms and user profiles when a post type parameter is used. Previously setting a post type parameter didn’t exclude taxonomy terms and user profiles from the search; now it does. If you want to include taxonomy terms and user profiles in a search with a post type restriction, add the taxonomy name or “user” to the list of post types to include.

Relevanssi also now supports ACF Repeater fields without any added plugins.

  • Multisite search won’t attempt to search in blogs that don’t exist or are deleted or marked spam.
  • Synonym indexing failed if synonyms contained a forward slash.
  • Highlighting HTML tags has been improved further.
  • Relevanssi now indexes taxonomy terms whenever they are created.
  • Improvements to taxonomy terms and post type parameters. Now if you set a post type parameter, taxonomy terms or user profiles are not included in the search. In order to see taxonomy terms in the search results when using post_types parameter, add the taxonomy name (or user) to the post_types parameter. This does not work with the default post_type parameter.
  • Relevanssi now actively blocks one-letter search terms, as they are generally pointless and can cause ‘out of memory’ issues. One-letter search terms are no longer highlighted, either. These are usually caused by cases like “word's" being interpreted as “word s“.
  • New filter: relevanssi_tag_before_tokenize allows you to access tag content before indexing.
  • New filter: relevanssi_disable_shortcodes_excerpt lets you add more shortcodes to be disabled before excerpts are built.
  • Relevanssi now supports fieldname_%_subfieldname notation for ACF Repeater fields in “Custom fields to index” settings.

Get yours from automatic update, or from the download page.

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