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CM Tooltip Glossary

A Relevanssi Premium customer bumped into a weird problem with CM Tooltip Glossary (and probably Elementor). Using Elementor, CM Tooltip Glossary and Relevanssi custom excerpts together caused the search results to break in an unusual way: each page of the search results showed the same results. I couldn’t figure out what’s causing this, but it…

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Relevanssi breaks autoembeds on result pages

You may notice that enabling Relevanssi custom excerpts breaks all autoembeds (things like Youtube video embeds) on search results pages. That’s done on purpose, because the autodiscovery of those embeds can be a proper performance killer if the search results include lots of embedded content. Thus, Relevanssi switches the feature off, considering it’s not commonly…

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Premium 2.14 / Free 4.12

This new version improves Relevanssi excerpt generation, making it faster especially with larger posts. Lots of small bug fixes are also included, making Relevanssi more robust. 2.14.5 / 4.12.5 (Premium) New feature: New WP CLI command wp relevanssi remove_attachment_errors clears out all attachment reading errors. Changed behaviour: relevanssi_excerpt_custom_field_content now gets the post ID and list…

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