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Premium 1.7.7

Relevanssi Premium 1.7.7 fixes a major bug and adds a couple of neat new features. It is a recommended update and a mandatory update, if you use the “hide this post from index” checkbox feature.
  • Fixed a major bug that can make indexing fail when the user has manually chosen to hide posts from the index.
  • Removed default values from text columns in the database.
  • Relevanssi will now index pending and future posts. These posts are only shown in the admin search.
  • Using multiple taxonomies in search will now use OR logic between term within the same taxonomy and AND logic between different taxonomies. Thanks to Jonathan Liuti.
  • Added a shortcode ‘noindex’ that can be used to prevent parts of posts being indexed. In order to use the shortcode, you must enable expanding shortcodes in indexing.

The noindex shortcode does nothing outside indexing. When a post with the shortcode is indexed, all content inside the shortcode disappears before the post is indexed. In order for the feature work, you need to enable the shortcode expansion.

The logic when using multiple taxonomies is now clearer. There’s OR logic between terms in the same taxonomy and AND logic between different taxonomies. Sounds complicated? Here’s an example from Jonathan Liuti, who refined the logic:|country|topic|topic&term=Finland|Belgium|crisis|war

This search would return all posts that fulfill all these conditions

  • include the word “term”
  • have taxonomy country set to Finland OR Belgium OR both
  • have taxonomy topic set to crisis OR war OR both

Hopefully this is the logic most people expect from the search; at least to me it makes lots of sense.

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  1. Just one question : which jquery version do you use ?
    I’ve got some serious problem with my website and I think it’s related to jquery so I’m trying to know what plugin could be the culprit. Thanks for your answer 🙂

    By the way, Relevanssi really rocks ! Keep up the good work !

  2. Hello, my english speak is no too well. 🙂
    I use Relevannsi Free, but I would buy Premium Relevannsi, if is better than Free version.
    My question is: what are the defficult between Free and Premium version?

  3. I’m looking at purchasing your premium plugin. Please can you tell me if it has support for:


  4. Hey Mikko ,will Relevanssi play good with a database of like 100k+ posts and they are still counting ….

    Right now I am using the free version and index is not going above 6k….

  5. Thanks for pointing me in the right direction ,

    Off topic – (I am good with php)
    Can you suggest me any good framework or something that would be able to deal with such a big database and constant searches ?

  6. For anyone who might need help with this —- I ended up using better search ( , had to customize it a bit and tidy the code a bit (better than writing it from scratch) …

    Right now the # of post in my DB is around 175k and after some tweaking , the setup is really fast (using ajax search with fallback for non js browsers) ….

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