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Premium 2.15.3 / Free 4.13.3

These versions collect all the bug fixes and small improvements that I ran into during the summer. Next up is Premium 2.16, which will add bigger new features: at the moment I’m looking at developing proximity sorting (ie. show results that are nearest based on coordinates) and better search tracking. These will take some time to develop, though, so I wanted these smaller improvements out first.

New features

Changed behaviour

  • Premium. The spam block now returns a 410 Gone status code for blocked pages.
  • Premium. The minimum capability for seeing the Gutenberg sidebar or the Relevanssi meta box is changed from manage_options to edit_others_posts in order to allow editors see the sidebar and the meta box. If you prefer the original way, use the relevanssi_sidebar_capability filter hook to adjust.

Minor fixes

  • Relevanssi removes HTML comments better from the post content.
  • Sometimes the Did you mean would return really weird long suggestions from the search logs. That won’t happen anymore.
  • Oxygen compatibility has been improved. Rich text fields and updating posts when they are saved in Oxygen now work better, and revisions are no longer indexed.
  • Improved tax_query handling in fringe cases with multiple AND clauses joined together with OR.
  • Premium. It’s now possible to override global multisite search settings from the searchblogs query variable.
  • Searching without a search term works much better now, you get more posts in the results (default value is up to 500).

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