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Premium 1.10.10

This maintenance release is recommended to all users of Relevanssi Premium, because it blocks a possible MySQL injection attack. I don’t think there’s significant danger involved – attacking this way would require access to WP admin, so it’s kind of tricky to pull of -, but better be safe than sorry.

I’ve also made several other changes. Brad Griffith tipped me to a method that will make fuzzy searches a lot more efficient. There’s a price – the index now takes a bit more space, but especially on large databases, the performance boost should be huge. You may need to rebuild the index after the upgrade.

  • Prevented error messages relating to creation of post objects from users and taxonomies.
  • Fixed MySQL errors from empty meta queries.
  • Removed WP complaint about badly formed $wpdb->prepare() statement.
  • Sort order (orderby and order variables) are now read from query variables instead of global variables.
  • Relevanssi will not choke on bad values of orderby anymore.
  • Limit searches is improved: when using AND search it is less likely to miss results.
  • Phrase recognition read the whole post content (which it didn’t need) from database, causing memory issues in some cases. Fixed that.
  • Fuzzy searches are now a lot more efficient; they were a huge resource hog before.
  • Fixed a possible MySQL injection attack.

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