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Free 2.9.13, Premium 1.7.6

Small maintenance updates to both free and Premium, mostly with the same changes.

Here’s what’s new in both:

  • Fixed a mistake in the FAQ: correct post date parameter is ‘post_date’, not ‘date’.
  • New filter relevanssi_results added. This filter will process an array with (post->ID => document weight) pairs.
  • Private and draft posts were deleted from the index when they were edited. This bug has been fixed. (Thanks to comprock.)
  • When continuing indexing, Relevanssi now tells if there’s more to index. (Thanks to mrose17.)
  • Improved WPML support.
  • The relevanssi_index_doc() function has a new parameter that allows you to bypass global $post and force the function to index the document given as a parameter.

This is only for Free:

  • Stripping shortcodes from excerpts didn’t work properly. Should work now.
  • Fixed problems with searching attachments. Indexing attachments still has some problems. When you build the index, attachments are indexed properly.

See more about relevanssi_results.

You can now call relevanssi_index_doc() directly and have it index a document for you.

  • The first parameter is either the post ID or the complete post object
  • If the second parameter is true, the post is first removed, then added (it’s an update)
  • The third parameter should have the return value of relevanssi_get_custom_fields()
  • If the fourth parameter is true, Relevanssi will not mind the global $post and indexes whatever the first parameter says (otherwise Relevanssi will index the post specified by the global $post).

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