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Free 3.5

Relevanssi 3.5 is a major upgrade, with significant new features, small improvements and a couple of bug fixes.

  • Tokenizer was using strlen() and not mb_strlen(), so word lengths were not calculated properly. If your site uses non-ASCII alphabet, rebuilding the index is a good idea.
  • Small improvement to WPML multilanguage filtering.
  • relevanssi_the_title() got a new parameter: if you don’t want to echo the title, you can use it like relevanssi_the_title(false) to make it return the title.
  • Relevanssi had the_title filter hook calls that were missing the second parameter; that’s now fixed.
  • The excerpt-building algorithm is completely rewritten based on work by Ben Boyter.
  • The [watupro] shortcode didn’t work with Relevanssi, so Relevanssi will now bypass it.
  • The plugin i18n features have been improved slightly.
  • New filter: relevanssi_didyoumean_suggestion lets you modify the Did you mean? suggestion before it’s displayed.
  • relevanssi_didyoumean() has a new parameter: you can now choose whether the result is echoed out (the default value) or just returned.
  • In the search results breakdown, you can now use %categories% and %taxonomies% to show the number of matches in categories and taxonomies other than tags and cats, respectively.
  • Relevanssi supports fields parameter (both ids and id=>parent) to return only post IDs or post IDs and post parents.

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