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Free 3.3.1

Version 3.3.1 for the free Relevanssi is out now. It fixes a MySQL injection vulnerability, adds new features, removes the cache and improves the way excerpts and highlights work. Indexing should be faster as well.

  • Improvements to excerpts: excerpts with phrases work much better now, and the excerpt creation logic has been improved: the excerpts are now better. The process takes a bit more time, though.
  • Allowing HTML tags in excerpts could lead to those tags being left open. Relevanssi will now try to close open HTML tags in excerpts.
  • Allowed tags were not controlled in comments. They are now.
  • Highlighting in documents didn’t always work; it should be more reliable now.
  • Non-integer values are removed from post__in and post__not_in before processing them.
  • Query variables p and page_id are now supported.
  • Relevanssi now understands date_query variables as well.
  • The original post excerpt is stored in $post->original_excerpt.
  • Taxonomy search works better with term id parameters (for example from wp_category_dropdown).
  • Errors about $wpdb->prepare() missing an argument removed.
  • New functions: relevanssi_the_title() and relevanssi_get_the_title() can be used to display highlighted titles in search results.
  • The old title highlighting method has been disabled, because it caused highlights in wrong places. Now the highlighted title is stored in $post->highlighted_post_title, take it from there or use the Relevanssi title functions to display it.
  • Polylang and WPML support was adjusted to perform better in edge cases.
  • Indexing is faster, thanks to some improved code from Tom Novelli.
  • MySQL injection attack vulnerability removed.
  • The cache feature is now removed. Relevanssi should automatically drop the cache tables.
  • New filter: relevanssi_indexing_data lets you modify the data before it’s indexed.

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  1. Since after adding the 3.3.2 update on two sites and reindexing, each site stopped indexing one of their custom post types. They were indexed fine before, and are set to be public and searchable. The odd thing is they each index other custom post types fine, and I can’t tell what the single types each site is now failing to index have in common.

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