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Premium 2.13 / Free 4.11

These versions add new filter hooks, support for All-in-One SEO and include a bunch of bug fixes here and there, most importantly in the Oxygen support. 2.13.1 / 4.11.1 There’s a problem in searching for user profiles and taxonomy terms in 2.13.0, results may not be what is expected. This has been fixed in 2.13.1.…

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Free 3.5

Relevanssi 3.5 is a major upgrade, with significant new features, small improvements and a couple of bug fixes. Tokenizer was using strlen() and not mb_strlen(), so word lengths were not calculated properly. If your site uses non-ASCII alphabet, rebuilding the index is a good idea. Small improvement to WPML multilanguage filtering. relevanssi_the_title() got a new…

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