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Free 3.0.2

Work on Premium 1.8.3 has been delayed by the need to iron out bugs from 3.0 codebase. This work does help Premium, as Premium 1.8.3 will share any bugs the free 3.x branch has.

So, bug fixes:

  • Fixed the “Cannot use a scalar value as an array” bug in indexing.
  • Role-Scoper users: in order to make Relevanssi work with Role-Scoper, replace the Relevanssi helper file in Role-Scoper with this file.
  • Removed an error message about set_time_limit() under safe_mode.
  • Jetpack Contact Form shortcode caused problems when indexing. Relevanssi will now simply remove the shortcode before indexing.
  • Fixed errors caused by / characters in highlighting.

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