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Version of Relevanssi Premium fixes the problems the new Related Posts feature had. Here’s the changelog:

  • It’s now possible to disable thumbnails and titles for related posts.
  • The related posts custom template is looked for in the right place.
  • Metabox buttons work without Gutenberg.
  • Drafts shouldn’t appear in the related posts anymore.
  • Choosing the default thumbnail for related posts is more pleasant now.
  • You can now disable auto-appended related posts for a post.
  • You can disable a post so that it won’t appear as a related post.

This should cover the problems with the Related Posts feature. Any feedback on the feature is most welcome, I’m sure there are still some rough edges that can be improved with feedback from people who use the feature – what kind of settings you’d like to see and so on.

You can get the new version from the Downloads page.

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