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Premium 2.20 / Free 4.18

This latest update adds new debugging tools, user interface features, and a Relevanssi exclude feature to the ACF field edit screen. There are also several minor bug fixes.

2.20.4 / 4.18.3

  • New feature: New filter hook relevanssi_blocked_field_types can be used to control which ACF field types are excluded from the index. By default, this includes ‘repeater’, ‘flexible_content’, and ‘group’.
  • New feature: New filter hook relevanssi_acf_field_object can be used to filter the ACF field object before Relevanssi indexes it. Return false to have Relevanssi ignore the field type.
  • Minor fix: ACF field exclusion is now recursive. If a parent field is excluded, all sub fields will also be excluded.
  • Minor fix: The indexing settings tab now checks if the wp_relevanssi database table exists and will create the table if it doesn’t.
  • Premium. Minor fix: Pinning code has been foolproofed to cover some situations that would lead to errors.
  • Minor fix: Handling of data attributes in in-document highlighting had a bug that caused problems with third-party plugins.

2.20.3 / 4.18.2

  • New feature: Relevanssi now has a debug mode that will help troubleshooting and support.
  • Minor fix: Using the_permalink() caused problems with search result links. That is now fixed. Relevanssi no longer hooks onto the_permalink hook and instead uses post_link and other similar hooks.
  • Premium. Minor fix: Click tracking parameters have more control to avoid problems from malformed click tracking data.


  • Fixes the persistent update nag problem.

2.20.1 / 4.18.1

  • New feature: New filter hook relevanssi_add_highlight_and_tracking can be used to force Relevanssi to add the highlight and tracking parameters to permalinks.
  • Premium. Changed behaviour: Exclusions now override pinning. If a post is pinned for ‘foo’ and excluded for ‘foo bar’, it will now be excluded when someone searches for ‘foo bar’. Previously pinning overrode the exclusion.
  • Changed behaviour: The relevanssi_wpml_filter filter function now runs on priority 9 instead of 10 to avoid problems with custom filters on relevanssi_hits_filter.
  • Premium. Minor fix: Page links didn’t get the click-tracking tags. This is fixed now.
  • Premium. Minor fix: Including posts in the Related posts could cause duplicates. Relevanssi excludes the included posts from the search, so there won’t be duplicates.
  • Minor fix: Handle cases of missing posts better; relevanssi_get_post() now returns a WP_Error if no post is found.
  • Minor fix: Avoid a slow query on the searching tab when the throttle is not enabled.
  • Minor fix: Search queries that contain apostrophes and quotes can now be deleted from the log.

2.20.0 / 4.18.0

  • New feature: Relevanssi now shows the MySQL max_allowed_packet size on the debug tab.
  • New feature: Relevanssi now shows the indexing query on the debug tab.
  • Premium. New feature: You can now edit pinning and exclusions from Quick Edit.
  • Premium. New feature: You can now remove queries from the search log from the query insights page.
  • New feature: ACF field settings now include a ‘Exclude from Relevanssi index’ setting. You can use that to exclude ACF fields from the Relevanssi index.
  • Premium. Changed behaviour: Click tracking is disabled in multisite searches. It causes problems with wrong links and isn’t very reliable in the best case.
  • Premium. Changed behaviour: Plugin translation updates are disabled unless explicitly enabled either from the Overview settings or with the relevanssi_update_translations filter hook.
  • Minor fix: Relevanssi was adding extra quotes around search terms in the highlight parameter.
  • Minor fix: Metabox fields look nicer on Firefox.
  • Premium. Minor fix: Adds the relevanssi_related_posts_cache_id filter to the relevanssi_related_posts() function.
  • Minor fix: Yet another update to data attributes in highlighting. Thanks to Faeddur.
  • Minor fix: Taxonomy query handling was improved. This should help Polylang users who’ve had problems with Relevanssi ignoring Polylang language restrictions.
  • Premium. Minor fix: Negative search terms in AND searches caused problems, but now work better.
  • Premium. Minor fix: Pinning phrases that had the same word more than once (e.g. ‘word by word’) didn’t work. Now it works better.

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