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Premium 2.2.1

It’s been a while since the previous Relevanssi Premium release, and there’s enough material to make this a bigger version number shift. The new version includes bunch of bug fixes, nothing particularly fatal or related to vulnerabilities, but especially multisite searching works better now.

The new features should be interesting. There’s a new tab in Relevanssi settings page you can use to perform searches in admin using Relevanssi. This targets everything, so now for example user and page searches using Relevanssi are possible, unlike before. This is a work-in-progress, so I’d be very interested in hearing any suggestions you might have for this feature. It’s currently a Premium feature, but it’s so useful for debugging that it’ll eventually be introduced to the free version as well.

For debugging, you can now see how Relevanssi sees the post from the post edit pages. This should help debugging some indexing issues.

You can now index post type archive pages. This’ll probably be rarely needed, since editing post type archive content is a bit tricky, but some will probably find this very useful.

Changelog to 2.2

  • New feature: Search tab on Relevanssi settings page allows you to perform searches in WP admin using Relevanssi.
  • New feature: Post type archives can now be indexed. This will index the label and the description of the post type.
  • New feature: Relevanssi now has a privacy mode that blocks outside connections: at the moment that means update checks and indexing attachments with Relevanssi indexing services. This helps keep your site private and can in some configurations speed up plugin page loads a lot.
  • New feature: On post edit screens, you can now see how Relevanssi sees the post. This should help debugging indexing issues.
  • New feature: You can now export the search log as a CSV file.
  • New filters: relevanssi_entities_inside_pre and relevanssi_entities_inside_code adjust how HTML entities are handled inside pre and code tags.
  • New filter: relevanssi_attachment_server_url allows the use of custom attachment reading server.
  • User meta fields are indexed as custom fields, not as post content, and the customfield_detail column is also filled. Reindex to see the effect.
  • Pinned posts have $post->relevanssi_pinned set to 1 for debugging purposes, but you can also use this for styling the posts in the search results templates.
  • Multisite searching updates: exact match bonus and the recency bonus did not work in multisite searches. Now they work.
  • Multisite search also had quite a few bugs squashed.
  • The basic Did you mean feature has been toned down a bit, to make the suggestions slightly less weird in some cases.
  • Post parent parameters now accept 0 as a value, making it easier to search for children of any post or posts without a parent.
  • Pinning caused an error message when fields was set to ids. Now the behaviour is correct, and the pinning code also won’t run, unless something is pinned.
  • Taxonomy terms and users are handled better in multi-word AND searches.
  • Polylang compatibility has been improved.
  • Phrases with apostrophes inside work better.
  • The relevanssi_excerpt filter hook got a second parameter that holds the post ID.
  • Custom field sorting actually works now.
  • WP Search Suggest compatibility added.

Changelog to 2.2.1

  • The admin search has been moved to a separate page and made visible to editors, authors and contributors.
  • New filter: relevanssi_admin_search_capability can be used to adjust who sees the admin search page.
  • “How Relevanssi sees the post” feature on post edit screens actually works now.
  • Numeric meta values (meta_value_num) are now sorted as numbers and not strings.

Get the new version from the auto update, or from the Download page.

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