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Polylang: Bilingual search

By default, Relevanssi indexes the different language versions of the posts separately. If your site is in French and English, searching for the English text will find the English posts and searching for the French text will find the French posts. But what if you want the French search terms to find the English post…

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Polylang Pro: Indexing synced posts

Polylang Pro has a feature to sync translations between posts. The problem with this and Relevanssi is that Relevanssi does not index the changes to the synced posts. With this filter function added to your site, Relevanssi will also index the synced posts: Thanks to Nico von Niederhäusern / Cubetech. There’s also a method for…

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Polylang attachment searching

If Polylang is in use and you haven’t enabled “Media translation“, your attachment files won’t have a language. That’s fine, except when Relevanssi searches fail to find your attachment because they’re looking for posts in a specific language. Suppose you want to include attachments in Polylang searches. In that case, you can either enable “Media…

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