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Free 3.3.5 / Premium 1.12.1

Both free and Premium got updates today. The most important thing in these updates is the improved security: the MySQL queries should be safe now, with all inputs thoroughly escaped.

  • Fixed a bug where excluding posts would cause the search to fail.
  • WPML searches showed each result twice. That’s fixed.
  • Increased plugin safety against hackers.
  • There was a bug in relevanssi_comment_content_to_index filter.
  • Some people had problems with the log entry timestamps. Fixed that.
  • New filter: relevanssi_prevent_default_request gives you more control over where Relevanssi prevents the default query from running.
  • New filter: relevanssi_private_cap lets you set the correct capability for finding private posts in custom post types.
  • The option to exclude categories and tags from search only worked for categories, not tags. Tags have been separated to a different option.

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