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Free 3.1.7

Version 3.1.7 includes lots of new features and bug fixes.

  • New filter: relevanssi_comment_content_to_index lets you modify comment content before it’s indexed by Relevanssi (to index comment meta, for example).
  • Facetious support: if post_type is set to -1, Relevanssi will not hang up on it.
  • Numerical search terms work better now.
  • Excerpt-building had issues, which are now fixed.
  • Punctuation removal now replaces   with a space.
  • “starrater” short code from GD Star Rating is now disabled in indexing.
  • Punctuation removal now replaces invisible spaces with a normal space.
  • Division by zero error caused by 0 in posts_per_page is now prevented, and -1 value for posts_per_page handled better.
  • Relevanssi doesn’t apply get_the_excerpt filters to excerpts it builds any more.
  • New filter: relevanssi_excerpt lets you modify the excerpts Relevanssi creates.
  • Relevanssi now suspends WP post cache while indexing, making indexing a lot more efficient. Thanks to Julien Mession for this one.
  • Deprecated function errors in 3.6 removed.
  • New filter: relevanssi_valid_status lets you modify the post statuses Relevanssi indexes.
  • New filter: relevanssi_index_taxonomies_args lets you modify the arguments passed to get_terms() when indexing taxonomies (for example to set ‘hide_empty’ to false).
  • Searching by taxonomy ID could confuse two taxonomies with the same term_id. The search is now checking the taxonomy as well to see it’s correct.
  • Basic support for Polylang plugin.
  • Russian and Italian stopwords are now included, thanks to Flector and Valerio Vendrame.
  • Small fix in the way user meta fields are handled.

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