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Premium 1.10.13

The version 1.10.13 of Relevanssi Premium fixes bugs, improves compatibility with other plugins and makes numerical search terms work better. It’s a recommended upgrade. These fixes have been part of the free version of Relevanssi for a while now, so they’re well-tested.

  • New filter: relevanssi_comment_content_to_index lets you modify comment content before it’s indexed by Relevanssi (to index comment meta, for example).
  • Facetious support: if post_type is set to -1, Relevanssi will not hang up on it.
  • Numerical search terms work better now.
  • Relevanssi now handles WordPress-created tax_queries better.
  • Support for Polylang broke the support for WPML. That is now fixed.
  • Two deprecated $wpdb->escape() were still left; they’re gone now.
  • Shortcode layerslider was causing problems with Relevanssi; Relevanssi now disables it before building excerpts.
  • Relevanssi won’t break BBPress search anymore.
  • Multisite searches had some issues.

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