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Premium 2.2.4

Version 2.2.4 is out now, featuring a bunch of bug fixes, new features and what’s best, a new Related Posts feature! The related posts are based on the Relevanssi index, and the feature offers lots of control over details and lots of flexibility, as is usual for Relevanssi.

How good the results are, depends a bit on what kind of content you have, but so far, I’ve been pretty satisfied with the related posts myself on a couple of content-heavy sites. Here on, I’m still working on figuring out the optimal settings.

Here’s the full changelog:

  • New Related posts feature can be used to display related posts for your content.
  • Relevanssi metabox on post edit pages is now in the sidebar by default. It doesn’t move automatically on older installations, but you can drag it there. It’s recommended, as from now on the look will be designed for sidebar use.
  • Search performance has been improved.
  • Redirects have been improved a bit.
  • Multisite searching was broken when sorting posts.
  • Using period as a thousands separator could cause weird results.
  • Members plugin compatibility has been improved: it’s only used if the ‘content permissions’ feature has been enabled.
  • New JetPack taxonomies and post types have been added to the block list so they won’t appear in Relevanssi settings.
  • Attachment indexing will bypass zip files.
  • New filter: relevanssi_accept_mime_type lets you filter attachment reading by MIME type.
  • New filter: relevanssi_do_not_read lets you filter attachment reading by post ID.
  • API key field was not shown if Relevanssi was installed on a single site in a multisite network. Now it’s shown correctly.
  • New filter: relevanssi_search_form works exactly like get_search_form, but only applies to the Relevanssi shortcode search forms.
  • Relevanssi settings page won’t let you exclude categories you have restricted the search to.

I wouldn’t deploy the related posts on production sites yet, because I’ve already noticed there are the usual bunch of minor but annoying bugs that instantly crop up right after you release a new version. For example, I’m aware it’s not possible to disable the thumbnails once you enable them. Here’s a quick fix for that, add this to your site:

  function() {
    $options = get_option( 'relevanssi_related_style' );
    $options['thumbnails'] = 'off';
    update_option( 'relevanssi_related_style', $options );

So, expect version later this week or early next week. That’ll fix the minor annoying bugs and add a couple of features that came to mind too late, like disabling automatically appended related posts on some pages and completely excluding posts from the suggestions. But do give the related posts a go on staging and development environments, and do let me know how you like it and if you have any suggestions to improve it.

You can get the new version through the automatic update system or from the Download page.

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