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Premium 2.1.5

Relevanssi Premium 2.1.5 fixes some bugs in tag and category indexing. If you index tags and categories for posts (not the terms themselves), do rebuild the index after updating.

There’s a new filter hook to give you a possibility to filter posts before indexing. That’s very helpful, if you want to exclude a lot of posts in indexing. There’s also a new, even easier method of excluding WooCommerce products based on product visibility.

Highlighting had some issues. It didn’t quite follow the settings you’d chosen, and phrases were not highlighted correctly in the documents. There’s also an improvement in highlighting words where there’s a hyphen or an apostrophe involved.

  • Fixes broken tag and category indexing and searching. If you use tags and categories, rebuild the index after updating.
  • Shortcode fix: wp_show_posts shouldn’t cause problems anymore.
  • New filter: relevanssi_indexing_restriction allows filtering posts before indexing.
  • New WooCommerce product visibility filtering tool makes WooCommerce product indexing faster. This is described in this KB entry.
  • MemberPress post controls were loose and showed drafts to searchers. That is now fixed.
  • Phrases were not highlighted correctly on documents. This is now fixed.
  • Highlighting was too loose, even if matching was set to whole words.
  • Highlighting now works better in cases where there’s a hyphen or an apostrophe inside a word.

Get yours from the download page or from the automatic update system.

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