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Premium 2.12 / Free 4.10

This version started as a small update to 2.11 and 4.9, but then a customer request made me add a major enough feature to warrant a bigger version number update. The big new feature in this version is multilingual stopwords and synonyms. If you’re using WPML or Polylang and have your site in multiple languages,…

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Restricting posts in the index

The relevanssi_indexing_restriction filter hook is often the best way to restrict what goes in the Relevanssi index and what not. There’s also relevanssi_do_not_index, which is also a fine way to approach this and is often easier to apply when you’re talking about blocking individual posts, but for larger exclusions, relevanssi_indexing_restriction is better. Extensive use of…

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Premium 2.8 / Free 4.7

These versions add new features, but these are mostly small and of interest to developers. As a big change Relevanssi is now active in Media Library searches in the admin backend (if admin searches are enabled): feedback on this is welcome. Excerpts should be slightly better, especially when content stopwords are involved and post part…

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Controlling attachment types in index

Relevanssi lets you index attachments – not their contents, but the names and descriptions. But perhaps you only want to index a particular type of attachment? Relevanssi settings don’t have any control over that, it’s either all attachments or nothing. It is possible to choose which kinds of attachments are indexed. It is done with the…

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