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In Finnish, we have this lovely little word “murheenkryyni”. It’s originally an euphemism for body lice – you know, to avoid calling a nasty thing with its real name to avoid inviting it in – but has since taken a wider meaning of something that is a constant source of sorrow.

In Relevanssi, that is the auto-update, which broke again in 1.9. I thought I fixed it 1.9.2, but it turns out half of the fix didn’t quite make it to that release. Thus,, which should fix this for good. I’m very sorry it is such a struggle to get it right.

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  1. Have got a problem with the superuser and relevanssi. Relevanssi is not showing the admin of the site in the search. The $hits[] are emtpy.
    In the db table dbprefix_relevanssi the user is indexed. Have reindexed, but without effect.

    Hope you can help me

  2. Sry for the bugreport.. :/ Another bug, relevanssi is not indexing new users, I have to reindex after a new registration.. Otherwise the user will be not found in the search..

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