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Premium 1.14.2

Relevanssi Premium 1.14.2 contains lots of small bug fixes, especially with multisite searches and excerpt-building. There are also some plugin compatibility fixes and new filters you can use to customize your Relevanssi Premium experience.

Version 1.14.1 had a bug that caused a fatal error when private posts were included in the search. Fix to that is also included in 1.14.2.

The update is highly recommended, so make sure you upgrade. You can get the upgrade through the automatic plugin update if your API key is set and valid, or you can download from the Download page.

  • Fixed a fatal error when searching includes private posts.
  • Multisite searches had some compatibility issues with other plugins and navigation menus; those have now been fixed.
  • Multisite search (which has limitations) doesn’t trigger if the search only targets the current site.
  • Multisite search can now return taxonomy terms.
  • “Did you mean” corrections in search queries with many words work better now.
  • Fixed an error if the search term was not found in content.
  • Fixed an error when building excerpts from posts shorter than the excerpt length.
  • Blocked the [starpro], CFDB and WooCommerce shortcodes that are causing problems with Relevanssi.
  • Added support for term_tax_id in the fields parameter in tax_queries.
  • Excerpt-building failed if multibyte string operations were missing. It should work now.
  • New filter: relevanssi_remove_stopwords_in_titles allows you to include stopwords in titles.
  • New filter: relevanssi_remote_addr can be used to modify the IP address logged to Relevanssi logs.
  • New filter: relevanssi_user_searches_limit to adjust the number of user searches shown in the logs.
  • Old data check is only done on Relevanssi settings page, not on all admin pages. That should improve admin performance.

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