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Premium 1.8

Relevanssi Premium 1.8 is finally out. It’s been a while from the previous version, and the list of fixes in this version is longer than it has ever been. Then again, that’s part of the reason why it took me so long… So:

  • Searching for pages in admin didn’t work properly. Fixed that.
  • Searches where posts_per_page was set to -1 didn’t work well. They should work now.
  • New filter ‘relevanssi_content_to_index‘ let’s user add whatever content they wish to posts before they are indexed.
  • The ‘relevanssi_post_ok‘ hook didn’t work well with multiple functions attached. It now has two parameters: first one is the $post_ok value to change and second is the post ID. Make sure you specify two parameters in add_filter() call.
  • Fuzzy search didn’t always activate when it should, if all found posts are private posts that can’t be shown to user.
  • The default punctuation remover will now replace apostrophes with spaces instead of removing them. To see this in effect, you need to reindex database.
  • Relevanssi will now disable the default WordPress search when Relevanssi is running. (Thanks to John Blackbourn)
  • You can now set the “Custom fields to index” to “all” to index all custom fields and “visible” to index all visible custom fields (but not the ones with names starting with an underscore).
  • Auto-update should work better now.
  • Tab characters in excerpts are handled better now.
  • Relevanssi search logs will now store user ID’s and IP addresses for each query.
  • You can now use user logins as well as numeric ID’s to stop user from being logged.
  • New query variable “operator” will let you adjust the search operator to AND or OR.
  • New collation rules to MySQL databases will make sure that word pairs like “pode” and “pôde” will not be considered duplicates in the stopword database.
  • Relevanssi will now automatically choose the correct stopword list based on WPLANG setting.
  • Attachments are now handled better. I’d still like to hear any complaints about attachments.
  • You can now use the minus operator for Boolean NOT. “dog -cat” will return all posts with the word “dog” but not the word “cat”. This does not work combined with phrases.
  • “Exclude post from index” metabox now appears on edit pages for all post types, not just post and page.
  • Relevanssi now updates index for posts added with wp_update_post() function. (Thanks to Simon Blackbourn)

A pretty impressive list of fixes! Long-time users will be delighted to hear that the auto update system has been updated and based on tests so far it would seem that the plugin will not alert you anymore about new updates being available unless there really is an update.

If you update from a previous version, please re-index the database.

New filter, relevanssi_content_to_index, will let you add extra content to posts before they are indexed. A simple filter, but may be necessary in some cases.

Switching between AND and OR is now possible with the operator query variable. If you default to AND, add a link to OR version of the results to let your users broaden to search. If you default to OR, give them a link to AND to tighten up the search.

I got another request for NOT operator and since the request came exactly at the right moment, I took a look and found it fairly easy to implement. So, you can now use the minus operator as well. It does not work with phrases, but you can add multiple negative words to a query.

Indexing and searching attachments works better now. Relevanssi had some trouble searching unattached attachments. Those can be found now. Any feedback on attachments and possible problems with them is most welcome.

For those with lots of custom fields, I’ve added an option to index all custom fields without specifying them in the indexing settings. This is very useful, if you have lots of custom fields and they are variable. Someone had, for example, PDF contents in custom fields, one custom field per page. Now it’s easy to index all of them.

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  1. What is this? *[/\]*C*[/\]*S*[/\]*S*[/\]*3*[/\]* *[/\]*A*[/\]*N*[/\]*I*[/\]*M*[/\]*A*[/\]*T*[/\]*I*[/\]*O*[/\]*N*[/\]*:*[/\]* *[/\]*G*[/\]*A*[/\]*L*[/\]*A*[/\]*X*[/\]*Y*[/\]*
    I get this stuff when searching. Using WP 3.3.2 and Relevanssi Premium 1.8

    1. In highlighting option, there’s “Uncheck this if you use non-ASCII characters”. You have unchecked it. Check the box to make this problem go away. If you need to have the box unchecked, let me know and I’ll tell you how to fix it, but unless your site is in Cyrillic, you shouldn’t need that option.

      This is a bug that will be fixed in the next version.

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