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Premium 1.8.2

Update: There was a critical error in 1.8.1, so it’s instantly replaced by 1.8.2, which is the same except it works.

Version 1.8.1 is a recommended bug fix update.

  • “Uncheck this if you use non-ASCII characters” option didn’t work.
  • Relevanssi showed incorrect number of posts on results pages.
  • Fixed a small bug in indexing user profiles.
  • I improved the way Relevanssi and Role-Scoper work together.

The biggest issue is the incorrect number of posts shown on results pages. Version 1.8 made some changes in how the posts_per_page works when it’s set to -1, but I didn’t check how it works in other cases. Oops. Now Relevanssi should show the correct amount of posts on results pages.

There was also a problem in search term highlighting, when users had unchecked the “Uncheck this…” option in highlighting options. I’ve fixed that, but most people simply shouldn’t uncheck that option. It’s only necessary when there are problems with the search term highlighting, one case being Cyrillic alphabet.

If you’re using Role-Scoper, please contact me, because Role-Scoper needs a bit of an update with this version of Relevanssi. I can help you with that until Role-Scoper is officially updated.

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