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Premium 1.7.3

Lots of bug fixes and couple of neat new features in this version.

  • Cache truncation was never actually scheduled.
  • Index wasn’t updated properly when post status was switched from public to private.
  • Made the relevanssi_hide_post custom field invisible.
  • Added an option to hide the Relevanssi post controls metabox on edit pages.
  • Fixed a bug that prevents search hit highlighting in multiple blog searches.
  • Added support for ‘order’ and ‘orderby’ in multiple blog searches.
  • Added nonces to various forms to improve plugin security.
  • Added support for ‘author’ query variable.
  • Added support for searches without a search term.
The searches without a search term is a hot new feature. Check out Using Relevanssi without a search term for more details on how that works.

9 comments Premium 1.7.3

  1. I upgraded from 1.7.2 (latest). Never touched the options, however after seeing the issue I checked all post types and reviewed all options again. I cannot find anything wrong.

  2. A little bit of experiment:
    – indexing only pages = 65 documents in index
    – indexing only posts = 18 documents (I have over 160)
    – indexing post and pages = 76 documents (so not 18 + 65)
    – changing minimum word length from 4 to 3 in last case = 77 documents
    – indexing only custom post types = 0 documents

  3. Went back to 1.7.2
    – posts = 168
    – pages = 76
    – attachments = 254
    – custom post types = 100
    – all = 598 (correct sum)
    – changing from 3 to 4 chars does not change the number of docs in index

  4. I noticed a difference on my site as well, not quite as dramatic though. I’ll have to investigate this, I don’t think I changed anything that would affect indexing…

  5. I have moved to premium for the first time and I can’t get it to index more than 31 of 963 posts even though I am using the default settings. The free version was fine and I have basically just given up on the paid version. What a waste of money!

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