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Premium 1.7.5

I was told that Relevanssi Premium doesn’t index drafts, even though it should (since 1.6). Looks like the feature has gone missing in some update. Sorry about that. This version reintroduces it. Drafts are automatically indexed and shown in admin searches.

I’m also adding the first test version of the declension featured mentioned before. This first version is a simple suffix stripper in English and it removes the following suffixes from words when indexing and searching: -s, -en, -ed, -er, -ly, -ing and -est.

There’s no option to enable the feature. To enable it, add the following line of code in your functions.php:

add_filter( 'relevanssi_stemmer', 'relevanssi_simple_english_stemmer' );

After that, re-index the database.

I’m curious to hear how this works for you. The Relevanssi options page shows the number of rows in the Relevanssi database now – one thing I’m interested in is to know how many rows enabling the stemmer removed from the database. So, give it a go, and tell me what you think of it. Finer controls and other languages will follow.

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  1. For custom post types, searching them in the admin system fails because posts_per_page might not be set or it’s -1. The problem is that the search high is lower than search low. As such, no search results are returned.

    My quick fix in relevanssi.php at line 953 is the following. Of course, I’m going to fix my custom post type definitions as well.

    if ( $query->query_vars[“posts_per_page”] query_vars[“posts_per_page”] = 20;

    Cheers for an awesome plugin.


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