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Premium 1.5.3

John Blackbourn sent me a patch with several interesting changes to Relevanssi. I’ve implemented those and added a feature that has been requested couple of times. I’ve planned to add it, but haven’t really figured out a good way to do it until now — now you can export and import settings!

  • User search log is available to user with edit_post capabilities (editor role). There’s also an option to remove Relevanssi branding from the user search logs. Thanks to John Blackbourn.
  • A proper database collation is now set. Thanks to John Blackbourn.
  • UI looks better. Thanks to John Blackbourn.
  • Small fixes: spelling corrector uses now correct multibyte string operators, unnecessary taxonomy queries are prevented. Thanks to John Blackbourn.
  • You can now export and import settings. Thanks to ThreeWP Ajax Search for showing me a good (easy) way to do this.

ThreeWP Ajax Search, by the way, is an Ajax search plugin that works with Relevanssi. I’ve suggested Dave’s Live Search before, but just couple of days ago Dave said he won’t be supporting Relevanssi any more, so that one’s out of question now. ThreeWP Ajax Search looks like a better plugin in any case. Give it a go, if you need Ajax search feature with Relevanssi.

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