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Premium 1.16.2 / Free 3.6.2

I’m currently working on a major release for Relevanssi: Relevanssi Premium 2 and Relevanssi 4 will bring lots of really interesting and useful updates for Relevanssi.

However, while waiting for the major releases (which should come out in 2017), there are some smaller improvements I wanted to share with you. This smaller update includes:

  • Premium only: ACF repeater fields with dashes didn’t work; that is now fixed.
  • Simple Membership plugin is now supported automatically to restrict access to posts.
  • Relevanssi can now handle orderby parameter in array format.
  • Relevanssi now blocks Easy Digital Downloads shortcodes when indexing to improve compatibility with EDD.
  • When using fields to only fetch post IDs, Relevanssi doesn’t try to highlight post titles.
  • New action: relevanssi_update_options lets you adjust Relevanssi options immediately after the defaults are set.
  • Remove notices about duplicated database columns when installing the plugin.

New versions can be updated automatically from the WordPress dashboard. You can also download Relevanssi Premium from the downloads page.

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