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Free 3.5.8

Relevanssi 3.5.8 is out now and available from the plugin repository.

Relevanssi has a XSS vulnerability. If you are using the “Did you mean” feature, it is possible to construct a search query that contains scripts that are automatically run on the page if the “Did you mean” feature runs.

See the DWXSecurity report on the vulnerability.

Version 3.5.8 fixes this vulnerability. If you use the “Did you mean” feature on your site, upgrade the plugin immediately. There are also other bug fixes and small improvements in the new version:

  • Did you mean function had a XSS vulnerability, which is now removed.
  • Minimum word length wasn’t applied to titles in indexing. It is now fixed. If you think this is a problem, rebuild the index.
  • TablePress compatibility has been improved.
  • Meta query handling has been improved, thanks to Maxime Culea.
  • Improved WP_Query parameter support: setting query variable sentence to 1 forces phrase search.

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